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The Murder Chord and Bluegrass Fusion in Bluegrass Today

I recently got a message from a musician with a band called Grandpa’s Cough Medicine (I was a little hurt that they rejected my band name idea, Grandpa’s Immunosuppressant Rheumatoid Arthritis Medicinebut I got over it). He suggested that I write something about the “cross-pollination” of music, audiences, and if space permitted, clover and ragweed.

The ulterior motive in this suggestion is that their band has recently fused bluegrass and heavy metal, ironically with a sort of anti-metal song calledThe Murder Chord in which a dissonant power chord causes a young man to murder his whole family. Sort of Megadeth meets “The Lawson Family Murder.” Apparently it’s generating buzz, though that may just be the distortion…

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