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THE MURDER CHORD – Reviewed In Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

This is a project of all-original material from this Florida-based band, and given the rather gruesome theme (and graphics), the music is good, interesting, and enjoyable. The project is a Randy Kohrs production recorded in Nashville with Brett Bass (guitar, resonator guitar), Jon Murphy (bass), and Mike Coker (banjo), with guest Aaron Till (fiddle). These guys are good both instrumentally (with plenty of hot picking) and vocally (with good leads and harmony blends). The song arrangements are enjoyable with their tongue-in-cheek approach to their material. Songs include “Hurtin’,” a hangover repentance, “A Boy And His Dog,” an ode to his faithful friend, and “Julianne,” love gone wrong. “Border Patrol” is a Latin-flavored instrumental where everyone cuts loose including Aaron Till with a fiddle break. Other tunes include “Crooked Cop,” “The Girl I Learned To Love,” and “The Saddest Song No One Has Even Heard.” The two most gruesome tunes are “Bullet For A Thief” and “The Murder Chord,” best left to the listener to define. The most pleasant song of the set is “Arizona Sky” which shows the band in a lighter mood. We’re sure to be hearing more from Grandpa’s Cough Medicine.

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Pissing into the wind at 70 miles per hour.

Entertaining band story of the day: Before we left our gig in St. Augustine last night, I slammed two beers to make the most of our large comped tab. On the long drive home, I decided to hang my leg and dick out the window to piss. Urine then proceeded to get all over the side of the truck, much of it also ending up on the front of my shirt. When we get home, Banjo Boy gets the hose to rinse off his truck and pulls it a little too hard, ripping the pipe and spigot from the wall. A large geyser of water begins to erupt, us having no idea how to turn it off. I ended up calling my landlord at 3am, to find out where the shut off valve is, and it’s right under the pipe that was currently shooting a jet of water ten feet into the air. So I had to go step on the pipe, getting soaked in the process and turn the shut off valve. Now I have no running water in my house and an angry landlord. I still laughed. When you gotta go, you gotta go. – Brett

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Feast or Famine

I’ve been asked what it’s like to be a professional musician. It’s utterly satisfying, I get to do exactly what I want and answer to no one. I have all the free time I could want to practice, to have sex, to read, to loaf.

But it’s not as glamorous as some would think. It’s a feast or famine affair. Some months are great, I have all my bills covered with money left for sushi dinners and bar tabs. Other months, like the most recent one, I eat ramen noodles every night to the point of being so sick of them, I shoot and eat rodents out of my back yard just to have a change of pace. You know things are rough when the thought of boiling a square of noodles, makes a squirrel look like a steak dinner. But this is the life I’ve chosen, I would never trade it for a cubicle job and six figure salary.

I’m really happy the new album is out, and if you’d like to save the squirrels, you can buy a copy on iTunes now. We plan on having an online merch store pretty soon so keep your eyes peeled. Don’t these vittles look tasty? – Brett Bass

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