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In The Can

So we did it. All the tracking for our third album is complete and we’re home from Nashville. We feel good about the material and the quality of our performances. Now is the torturous period where we wait to hear a first mix, not sure how long it will take. There’s also a couple of interesting things in the air as far as guest appearances go. But I’ll only feel comfortable announcing that once it’s settled. But we’re really trying hard to pull out all the stops on this album. The last couple months have been a whirlwind. Time to rest and practice patience. We think you guys will enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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Plugging Along

We just finished the second day of recording and things are going great. Thus far, we’ve knocked out all of the rhythm guitar, bass, banjo and my lead vocals. That’s damn good progress, and Randy has commended us for coming in prepared. Tomorrow morning we’ve got our good friend Aaron Till (who guests on our previous record) coming in to record some fiddle tracks again, but this time he will be joined by multiple Grammy winner and IBMA fiddle player of the year, Jason Carter of the Del McCoury Band. I’ve had the vision of twin fiddles on a particular tune of mine for a while now and I think these guys will really knock it out of the park. I’ve had the pleasure of playing guitar at festivals with The Travelin’ McCourys several times now, and playing with Jason always puts a huge smile on my face. Can’t wait to hear the treatment they’ll give our music. I’ve also decided to have Randy Kohrs play a dobro track on one of our instrumental tunes, because I really think our fans need to be aware of the amount of musical talent this man possesses. Producing is just one of the hats he wears, he is also a world class instrumentalist and I’ve been a fan of his dobro playing since I became aware of his existence years ago. So while I’ll play dobro on a few tunes, we’re gonna turn Randy loose on one just because I want to. Coming in on Thursday we’ll have harmonica phenom Isaac Corbitt from The Corbitt Brothers Band bring his magic to a tune as well. I’m really happy with how things are coming together and we might just have a huge surprise for everyone, which I won’t announce just in case it doesn’t pan out. Things are going splendidly and we’re having a blast doing it. – Brett Bass

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Starting The Next Chapter Of Our Musical Legacy

I gotta say, it feels really good to be back in Nashville. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be heading back to Slack Key Studio to record our third full-length album with Grammy award winning producer Randy Kohrs, who is also a world class dobro player and singer.  A true expert in the genre of bluegrass music and a man I’m glad to call a friend. All of this will be at zero cost to us because of the $11,500 we won at One Spark. So yeah it feels really good. No financial pressure, no real time constraints, nothing to think about but giving the best performances we’re capable of as a band. I’ll be picking up the blogging efforts since Jon will be busy with school, and I want to document the whole recording process for anyone who’s interested. This record will forever remain as part of my/our musical legacy and I plan on giving it everything I’ve got. You can expect blazing instrumentals, irreverent humor, murder songs, lighthearted story songs, some scathing social commentary, basically everything you’ve come to expect from GCM and maybe some things you don’t expect. Some people will certainly be offended and that’s okay by us, because we think the rest of you who really get what we’re doing will love it. Regardless, it’ll be 100% us and will forever stand as a monument to where we are at this point in our musical journey. Time to get to work. – Brett Bass

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