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LTNUP Live: Grandpa’s Cough Medicine Photos and Review

Grandpa’s Cough Medicine blew the crowd away at Will’s Pub last Thursday night, the 29th with their picking so fast it was amazing the strings didn’t fly off. The three piece group preformed in perfect original bluegrass harmonizing heaven.

Standing across the stage in a straight line all in a uniform of plaid and blue jeans, they began with an instrumental song that picked the crowd up and prepared them for some fast grass. The crowd responded with good old fashion country stepping, swinging, and screaming growing more and more enticed by every note. One man even got down on his knee to propose a dance to the lovely lady of his choice. Grandpa’s Cough Medicine sang raw, tough lyrics surrounding the themes of drinking, ‘perpetual sinning machines,’ and vigilantism. Their lyrics embodied fresh recitatif narratives that enthralled the listeners. They amplified a perfect form of synchronic rhythm and rhyme that boomed through each person’s body and into their dancing or swaying steps.

Brett Bass was able to work the guitar at the speed of light partially because of his background in heavy metal music. Mikey Coker plunked his banjo with such ferocity in a finger flying frenzy that some people were saying it was the fastest they’d seen him play. While Jon Murphy slapped his stand-up bass at some points as if it were a drum adding an interesting addition to the musical trio. They preformed an array of songs from their newest album Murder Chord that brought more heart-hitting songs where they sing about real guttural truths.

One song that struck the audience as they struck their strings was ‘Julianne,’ which talks about a girl that leaves her boyfriend high and dry during a bank heist. They compose many of their songs to be compelling instrumental storytelling. Other songs, they choose to play in instrumental with extremely rapid plucking; one of which was ‘Border Patrol’ where they incorporate a classic Latin rhythm into their style. Their style at the same time, being in the genre bluegrass still can touch anyone with its versatile allure.

When told that they could ‘play all night’ by the sound guy Brett Bass said, “My lady’s not here- that’s the only time I go all night.” For their first time playing in Orlando, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine consistently picked the crowd up and never let them down.

All words by Rachel Gonzalez

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