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Gov-Fest Live Reviews

Sometimes, you look at a band schedule for a festival, and you think, “HUH? How is that going to work?” How do you go from a jazzy funk band to… outlaw bluegrass? Double-bass, guitar and banjo? What?

Survey says: it was perfect. Grandpa’s Cough Medicine are sick, sick puppies, right up my alley. I was happy to get their new CD release, 180 Proof, which is actually a pretty good description of their music. If all GCM ever did was pick, you would say they are superb. I’m not a huge bluegrass nut, but it is hard to imagine the music gets much better than that.

The music, however, is only half the deal. Their incredible song lyrics are the other half. They look like regular guys, but once they get to singin’, you’d best back up. You might get lulled with drinking songs (the title track and “Liquid Courage”). Then they drop a tune called “Crooked Cop,” followed by “Brand New .22,” a recommendation to trade in your .44 for a .22, with the refrain “A man is only as old as the woman he feels.”

They also delighted the crowd with “Jailbird Blues,” “Denim Prison” and “Blood and Justice,” a song about hunting for pedophiles: “They sentenced you to death the day they set you free.” Alrighty, then! After hearing Grandpa’s Cough Medicine, you truly understand the meaning of the phrase: PICKIN’ AND GRINNIN’.


Back on the Love Fest stage, those wild outlaw bluegrass boys from the other Florida end of I-10 were back for more mayhem.Grandpa’s Cough Medicine have a great – and well-deserved – following. I am proud to join them. I noted that the two words to describe them are “pickin’ and grinnin’,” because that’s what they do and that’s what you’ll do. In fact, they kicked off with “Time to Do Some Pickin’” (that might not be the right title, but it’s for sure the correct sentiment). We got another round of vigilante “Blood and Justice,” and they did a fitting song called “(I Haven’t Worked Since I Was) Paid to Play.” How this trio isn’t a national sensation is beyond me. I take that back, looking at the state of the music industry. These boys are too damn good!

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