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Feast or Famine

I’ve been asked what it’s like to be a professional musician. It’s utterly satisfying, I get to do exactly what I want and answer to no one. I have all the free time I could want to practice, to have sex, to read, to loaf.

But it’s not as glamorous as some would think. It’s a feast or famine affair. Some months are great, I have all my bills covered with money left for sushi dinners and bar tabs. Other months, like the most recent one, I eat ramen noodles every night to the point of being so sick of them, I shoot and eat rodents out of my back yard just to have a change of pace. You know things are rough when the thought of boiling a square of noodles, makes a squirrel look like a steak dinner. But this is the life I’ve chosen, I would never trade it for a cubicle job and six figure salary.

I’m really happy the new album is out, and if you’d like to save the squirrels, you can buy a copy on iTunes now. We plan on having an online merch store pretty soon so keep your eyes peeled. Don’t these vittles look tasty? – Brett Bass