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Hog hunting in FL

Today I was able to venture into a beautiful section of wild Florida. I sat completely still in a tree stand, among thirty foot pines, a small pond and the Nassau river to my back. Remaining silent as nature sang it’s song all around me. Insects chirping, bullfrogs croaking, blue jays squawking. The crows all seemed to have a convention to go to. A multitude flying the same direction, cawing the whole way. My reason for being in the woods was predatory. Feral hogs were my prey. (Find out more about them here: I’ve avoided factory farmed meat for a little over a month. While I’ve not been completely strict with it, I’ve cut my meat consumption down by a solid 75% or so. By doing this I’ve created a stronger desire than ever to hunt and harvest my own meat. While I didn’t see any hogs, I enjoyed myself immensely. Spending time in the great outdoors is always such a pleasure, and being in touch with where your meat comes from should be a part of every carnivore’s life. I’ve got a few other hog hunts lined up, can’t wait to put meat back in my diet. – Brett

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Merica’s Got “Talent”

GCM was offered a direct audition with the producers of America’s Got Talent. NBC contacted us, with no prodding on our part, to come audition for the show. No lines, no waiting with the clueless masses who don’t know they suck. How tempting, a chance at national TV exposure for our little bluegrass band from Jacksonville. But we read the contract, in fact, we read it several times. The rights to our live performance, recordings, merchandise, publishing and touring are all things they would be requesting control of past a certain point on the program. These rights are the lifeblood of any successful artist, and we have decided signing them away to a giant corporation is not the way we want to find success. We have faith in our music, in our skill and in ourselves. We have decided participating in the exploitative, circus-like spectacle of America’s Got Talent is not the road we want to travel, and we will do just fine without it. After much consideration, this is the most informed choice we can make. And frankly, we don’t think we would be doing any great favors to music or art by acknowledging these kinds of popularity contests as worthwhile deciders of talent. We hope all our friends and fans will support us in this decision. Fuck the TV.

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Pissing into the wind at 70 miles per hour.

Entertaining band story of the day: Before we left our gig in St. Augustine last night, I slammed two beers to make the most of our large comped tab. On the long drive home, I decided to hang my leg and dick out the window to piss. Urine then proceeded to get all over the side of the truck, much of it also ending up on the front of my shirt. When we get home, Banjo Boy gets the hose to rinse off his truck and pulls it a little too hard, ripping the pipe and spigot from the wall. A large geyser of water begins to erupt, us having no idea how to turn it off. I ended up calling my landlord at 3am, to find out where the shut off valve is, and it’s right under the pipe that was currently shooting a jet of water ten feet into the air. So I had to go step on the pipe, getting soaked in the process and turn the shut off valve. Now I have no running water in my house and an angry landlord. I still laughed. When you gotta go, you gotta go. – Brett

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